Hark! INstride lives!

INstride_coverSome shameless self-promotion is in order today as news broke that INstride, a new monthly health and fitness magazine for central Indiana, was officially launched this month along with its Web site, www.myINstride.com. I know–all two of you reading this blog–please contain your excitement.

Now, why in the world do I care that central Indiana has a new health magazine for the over-40 set? I don’t live there and I’m certainly (!) not over 40. I care because my fellow j-school classmates and I poured our very unpaid souls into researching, developing and pitching this new magazine to Schurz Communications. Our consulting project, called the media management project, involved hours of walking the Hoosier streets in Bloomington, Martinsville and Bedford and asking people about their health and fitness interests.You name them, and we bothered them in the name of market research: seniors at the YMCA, firefighters, homeless folks, families at the park and many more. Then there were hours more on the phones and in front of our computers back in Chicago, preparing for the big pitch.

The finished product no doubt looks different than the product we pitched (see the presentation here), but it looks like they incorporated some of our ideas and I wish them success.

You can read about the launch here, where we Medillians get a shout out. Good to know that our hard work paid off. Now just waiting for the check.


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